The refugee crisis, the war in Ukraine:

  • Coordinating and delivering weekly direct transports with basic supplies to Ukraine: non-perishable food, clothes for babies and adults, medicines, beds and much more.

We deliver the materials directly to NGOs in Ukraine, according to the lists they provide us, so that we can deliver exactly what is needed at that time. The supplies we send reach hospitals and bunkers all over Ukraine.

  • Working in the field with the authorities and NGOs from the Siret/Porubne border since the crisis broke out, helping the people in the field – transport, accommodation, information.

  • Coordinating a team of volunteers, on the ground, at all borders with Ukraine.

  • Prezence in the refugees centers for need assessment and preparation of supplies.

  • Collection and centralization of donations in products.

  • Providing necessary materials for 7 refugee centers coordinated by the Adventist Agency for Development, Rebuilding and Relief (ADRA), the global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Through an international network, ADRA provides development, recovery and assistance in more than 130 countries, regardless of the ethnicity, political or religious affiliation of those assisted.

  • We also provide informational support for the people in these centers and spend leisure time with adults and children through sports and art.